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How is the HotelTechScore Calculated?

Hotel Tech Report's mission is to speed up the pace of global innovation by creating transparency in the market--so when it comes to our own policies and methodologies, we like to practice what we preach.

Remember, the Hotel Tech Score isn't meant to place judgement on vendors, it is meant as a way to help bring transparency to the market by incentivizing vendors to share product information and customer reviews with hotel tech buyers to help them make better, more informed, decisions.

So if you have a great product that customers love, you're going to love the HotelTechScore.  If you don't, well...its never too late to work on improving your product and/or customer service.

While the Hotel Tech Score algorithm is dynamic and is built to improve over time (nope...not artificial intelligence, just math ūü§£), here are the key signals that factor into your Hotel Tech Score in the order that you should focus on them when you get started on Hotel Tech Report.

  1. Review Requests: When logged in as a vendor, you will see there is a field in your profile for inviting customers to review your products.  Inviting your customers to write reviews shows hoteliers that you're transparent and confident in your customers' satisfaction with your product or service.  To get full credit for this metric in the ranking enter at least 20 customer emails to request them to share their feedback about your company.
  2. Minimum Review Threshold (Updated 10/23) Put simply, the review threshold is a dynamic number that helps ensure that companies within a given category are ranked fairly and each have a similar amount of ranking content (aka reviews).  The minimum review threshold is determined by taking an average # of reviews for claimed profiles listed on HTR in your category.    This helps ensure that there is an initial base of user generated content for hotel tech buyers to learn about your product (Want to know if your company meets the minimum threshold?).
  3. Review Scores: We factor in the different aspects of your company's reviews that users submit including likelihood to recommend, overall ranking, return on investment, support, and ease of use.   Positive feedback from verified reviewers is critical to achieving a high Hotel Tech Score.  
  4. Reviews Recency: How recent was your last review written? If you've had a review in the past month This helps incentivize and ensure that hotel tech buyers are receiving recent intel about your product and service.  A simple example of why this is helpful for buyers would be if a company with great customer service reviews decided to cut their customer service efforts in half.  Gathering recent customer reviews helps give hotel tech buyers confidence in the current standing and operation of your company and products.

Simplified Example: How the Review Threshold is Calculated
Let's say we have 20 companies on HTR, half of them have 2 reviews and half of them have 15 reviews.  To calculate the 'review threshold' in this scenario:

  1. Step 1: We first remove the top and bottom 5% (20 companies * 5% = 1 company) so we remove company number 1 and number 20.
  2. Step 2: We then average the remaining companies' review count where 9 companies have 2 reviews and 9 companies have 15 reviews                         [9 companies * 2 reviews] + [9 companies * 15 reviews] / 18 companies .            = 8.5 average
  3. Step 3: The review threshold is 8.5 reviews so this is the minimum threshold for companies to hit to not be penalized for having too few reviews

Have any questions or feedback?
Just like you, our community of top hotel tech vendors, we value feedback so don't be shy! If you have ideas of how you think we can improve the Hotel Tech Score, please let us know via the on-site live chat.

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