Some vendors have reviews that were submitted where the hotelier either didn't verify the review (click the link in their email), or their review didn't pass verification (ex. they used a personal gmail to leave their review and didn't respond to the followup email asking for further verification).  More info on HTR's verification processes and options here.

Typically if a review isn't verified, using one of the several standard methods offered to users, the review is rejected and is never published.  Since several vendors have asked for a chance to get their unverified reviews verified for consideration in the awards, we are offering 2-weeks for ALL vendors to get all of their unverified reviews verified.


Important details: 

  • To get a 'pending' review verified, you must complete one of the available verification steps below
  • Only reviews left on or before 12/31 will count towards the awards
  • Final date for reviews to be verified is Friday January 11, 2019 (winners for the 2019 awards will be announced the week of January 14th, 2019)


How do I get our unverified reviews verified so they get published?

There are two available options to get unverified reviews verified:

  1. Reach out to the reviewer/customer and ask them to submit an alternative verification method via the short hotelier verification form
  2. Fill out the last call review verification form



How can I find out if my company has pending reviews that need further verification in order to get published?

Basic members can reach out to customers to ask if they left a review yet and if it was published to the site.  Premium Members can see their pending reviews in the Premium Inbox tab of the vendor dashboard shown below:

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