HotelTechSummit is an executive retreat for CEO's of top rated hotel technology businesses.   The Summit will take place in California's wine country at an award winning hotel (Gaige House Inn + Ryokan). 


Each team may send their CEO or another approved member of management
HotelTechAward Winners can be found here.


Hotel rooms will be paid for by Hotel Tech Report as a benefit of winning in the HotelTechAwards and activities/meals will be covered by participants at cost but organized by Hotel Tech Report.  Total cost of activities and meals will total in a range between $900-$1,500 USD per person.  Participants must arrange for their own transportation.


The purpose of the retreat is to foster collaboration and elevate intercompany relationships in an intimate setting centered around fun and trust.  We will embark on adventures like hiking, wine tasting and canoeing.  We will also participate in focused workshops to help problem solve real world business challenges in a highly confidential and private environment.


  • When: Sunday dinner - Tuesday lunch
  • Airports: San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland International (OAK)
  • Airport Transit: Please contact Hotel Tech Report to arrange once flights are booked
  • Programming: Final programming and content will be announced once a date has been finalized

**We require a minimum of 12 executives from different companies to be available on a single date in order to proceed with the retreat so please list all dates that you can make rather than just one

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