So you've added your customer list and sent your bulk requests, now what?

The bulk requester sends 2 generic emails to clients.  A personal touch goes a long way with busy clients.  As we all know - emails can get lost in our flooded inboxes, we can earmark them for later and forget or trash them during a cleaning.

It's important to follow up with clients to ask for reviews personally and the best people to reach out are your teammates with the closest relationships to your clients - customer success and sales.

This guide is for Basic members - Hotel Tech Report premium members have access to tools which helps you save time and run this process completely turnkey.  

A few helpful links before we get started

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> Already premium and want a guide to leveraging your tools for team collaboration? Click here
> Are you on a small team and want to send all of the review requests yourself? Click here

Step 1: Identify clients who haven't reviewed your products yet

> Navigate to review manager
> Click "Add Clients"
> Copy/paste list of clients into a Google Sheet or excel document
> Sort by Row G titled "Review"

Step 2: Ask your client facing teammates for help 

We've created an email template to save you some time (template here).  Send this to your team to get them helping with your campaign. Make sure to have them log progress in the Google Sheet you created above so that you can track and follow up.

Step 3: Invite your team to the vendor dashboard

Now we'll invite our team to the dashboard so that we can track their outreach over time.

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