At HTR our mission is to make it easier for hoteliers to find, compare and adopt the best technologies to optimize their operations and speed up the pace of innovation in the global hotel industry.  To execute on that mission the anonymity, trust, and reputations of our community of hoteliers and technology suppliers must be a top priority.

In order to deliver high quality information and buying insights to the community, we must ensure that each review is from a verified hotelier.  So here's how it works:

All users who submit leads and reviews are verified as hoteliers via one of the following methods:

  1. LinkedIn login: The LinkedIn used must show the user's current position at a hotel or their review will be rejected.  Additional reasons a user may fail verification and their review will be rejected...if the LinkedIn doesn't have connections, work history, a profile photo or contains other signs that the profile may be fake.
  2. Work Email: Hoteliers may verify their identity by using their work email.  Note: When using this verification method their email domain must exactly match the hotel's URL/domain.
  3. Logged In Screenshot: To use this verification the screenshot must show the hoteliers' name while logged into the dashboard of the product.
  4. Recent Invoice from the vendor: Hotelier may submit an image of a recent invoice where the hotel on the invoice matches their hotel.

Hoteliers who fail initial verification will receive an email containing a link to provide further verification.  We cannot guarantee that these will be approved unless they meet all above criteria.

NOTE: Please allow up to 72-hours before inquiring about a review's status as 'pending'.  (Related article: How to get unverified and pending reviews verified)

Step 1: User required to verify identity with Linkedin or using their work email 

When a user wants to review a product, they are routed to the review page where they are prompted to verify their identity with Linkedin or using their work email (must be an domain to get verified).

Step 2: Review is submitted as a draft

The user's review is then submitted to Hotel Tech Report as a draft and is not yet published live on the vendor's profile.

Step 3: Verification sequence 

  • Linkedin Verification: Verification via Linkedin happens via the Linkedin API and reviews are usually published within 72-hours
  • email domain: Once a user leaves a review using their email address, they are sent a verification email to ensure that (a) the email they entered is valid and (b) that it is in-fact their email.  Once a user clicks the link in this email, their review is published within 72-hours
  • What happens if a user leaves a review with email but doesn't click the verification link? If the hotelier doesn't click the verification link in their email, their review is not published.  After 72-hours, their review will be rejected and they will be sent an email with alternative verification methods.  Unless one of the alternative methods is completed within 2-weeks, the review will be deleted

While this process enables HTR to maintain high quality content and insights from verified hoteliers we know that, as with anything, nobody is perfect.  Therefore, if you believe that there has possibly been a mistake or inaccurate review, you may contest a review via the on site live chat.

Want to know why our verification processes are so strict? Here's a video of what can happen if they aren't 😉

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