Who can write a review?

While anyone who verifies their identity with Linkedin can write a review on Hotel Tech Report, Only verified hoteliers' reviews are actually published.

When can you write a review?

  • You bought something - that is, you purchased a product or service, or
  • You ordered something - you placed an order with the business or company you're reviewing (irrespective of whether the order was later cancelled or not), or
  • You can show that you used the services - you haven't bought or ordered anything, but you can otherwise document your use of the business or company's services. This might be by showing correspondence with the company or documenting some other interaction.

Helpful tip: Save a photo or copy of documentation that shows you've had a buying or service experience in case there's a question about your review after you've posted it.

What other requirements are there?

As well as making sure you fit one of the above situations, make sure your review is:

  • Only about your own personal experience - not someone else's, and
  • About a buying or service experience you’ve had within the last 12 months.

When can't you write a review?

You can't write a review if you have a special relationship to the company you're reviewing. Specifically, your review shouldn't be about a business that:

  • You own, have owned, or someone in your immediate family owns
  • You're employed by or work for, or
  • Is a direct competitor to a business you own or work for.

A few final points

Once you've written a review, you can always edit or update it to reflect your most recent experiences.  You may do this when you are logged into HTR by reaching out via the live chat.

And finally... We love seeing informative, helpful reviews on Hotel Tech Report - so we've put together some tips to help you write great reviews in our help center.

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