How long will my guide be live on (and be promoted on) Hotel Tech Report?

Your guide will be promoted on the home page, category pages, reports library and similar profiles in your category for a full year on Hotel Tech Report until 2021 Budget Season with your logo front and center as the thought leader in your category.

What are some of the ways to promote our buyer's guide throughout our marketing?

Other than the year long targeted ad placement on Hotel Tech Report, your buyers guide is turnkey content for you to leverage in your company's own marketing efforts and you have a 1-year content license to utilize it. Below are a few of the most common ways that companies leverage their co-branded HTR buyer's guides throughout their marketing to capture leads and TOFU (top of funnel) mid-intent traffic:

  • Website downloads: Booking a demo is a very high intent action, whereas content like your buyers guide is much better suited for capturing intent earlier on in the purchase journey (ie. prospects on your website who may not be ready to book a demo, but would download content to learn more). Promote your guide on your homepage to capture download intent from early stage prospects to nurture them into booking a demo while showcasing your thought leadership and influence in the category through your partnership with HTR.
  • E-blast campaign: Educate your customers and reinforce your position as the go-to thought leader in your category by sending them a link to your 2020 guide.
  • Social Media: Promote your guide on social media to get the word out and show prospects and clients that you're the go-to thought leader in your category
  • Paid media: Leverage your guide to run digital marketing campaigns (eg. Linkedin lead capture campaigns, retargeting campaigns, etc)
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