Update: Members with content coverage can now guest post

What is content coverage?

Content coverage is a hybrid of earned media and sponsored articles where Hotel Tech Report will strategically place your company, brand and products within relevant and engaging content based on your category, products and target market. The goal of content coverage is to keep your brand top of mind with buyers year round in a subtle and organic way.

What are some examples of content coverage?

What are the benefits of content coverage?

  • ✅ Stay top of mind without lifting a finger: Your team doesn't have to do anything, we automatically feature your brand in relevant and engaging content
  • Organic and authentic promotion: Since we choose your placement and your team has no involvement, no sponsor designation
  • Earned media feel: Since there is no sponsored designation required, the visibility and promotion is more organic and feels more like earned media
  • Exclusivity: Your brand will be the only one featured in the article
  • Dual placement: Your products are featured organically within the content of the article and you also get brand placement in the article sidebar
  • Promotion: Content coverage is features in HTR's blog (30k views), social channels (twitter, linkedin) and theRewind monthly newsletter (25k list)

How it works:

  1. Content coverage comes included within certain membership packages (or can be purchased separately)
  2. Your account will get content coverage credits added to your balance
  3. HTR will select at our own discretion which articles to place your brand into based on organic fit and target audience
  4. Your article will be shared with HTR's blog (30k views), social channels (twitter, linkedin) and theRewind monthly newsletter (25k list)


In order to not have to have the 'sponsored' label, your company can have no involvement or selection of your placement and content coverage must be entirely up to HTR. If you would like more involvement and choice around direction, content and placement HTR offers sponsored articles which are (more explicitly promotional, vendor guided direction and sponsor label required).


Content coverage credits included with membership are eligible to be used for guest posting or sponsored articles at the following transfer rates:

  • Content coverage credits to guest posts (1-to-1)
  • Content coverage credits to sponsored articles (3-to-1)

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