Its important to remember that the HT Score is a living and dynamic number that is calculated in real time as new data enters the system. It changes day-to-day, minute-to-minute and even second-to-second as new data and reviews enter the system.

Its important to remember that even if you do nothing, your score and rank can still change since they are both relative within your category. Another product in your category could have gotten new reviews that triggered the recalculation or if your reviews are getting older you may see an slight score dip due to review recency.

If you notice slight discrepancies between your scores across pages on the site it is due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Its a timing issue, refresh the page to check (MOST LIKELY): If you load a page now and then scoring changes while your on the page and you load a new page, you'll see the old score on the first page and the updated score on the 2nd page. Each new page you load will load the real time HT Score so if the HT Score changes
  2. Local browser caching: Your personal web browser (ex. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) caches information and data to make your browsing experience more seamless throughout the web.
  3. Server level caching: Because there are so many variables used to calculate the HT Score, on certain pages throughout HTR we cache scores (and other content) in order to reduce load times which means that sometimes calculations can take a day or two to update fully and propagate throughout the site.

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