With each year's guide we offer the opportunity for the exclusive sponsor to collaborate and share insights to be included in your category's budget season buyer's guide.

That said, some companies want to stay out of it all together and just get notified while other companies want to be more involved when it comes to collaborating on the content of their category's guide. At the beginning of the production process sponsors will receive a link to let us know how involved (or not involved) you'd like to be.

Below is a time table and outline of each of the phases of buyer's guide production throughout the summer including details of where companies can jump in to collaborate:

Phase I: Core content suggestions

The first (optional) phase for sponsors is to collaborate on, and contribute to, basic content to your category's budget season buyer's guide from the coming year:

  • 🛠 What is it: An (optional) opportunity to contribute baseline category content to your category's budget season buyer's guide. If HTR has NOT previously produced a guide in your category...you will be sent a category questionnaire to complete via Google Doc. If HTR has already produced a guide in your category...you will be sent a link to the prior year's guide to add any comments, suggestions, revisions or changes
  • What to do: Share your link with any team members you would like to be able to contribute internally for them to provide any comments right in the document.
  • Deadline: July 1st through July 15th

Phase II: New content contribution

Each year HTR looks to add a new piece of value add content to make the category guide more helpful, comprehensive and turnkey for hoteliers to use it not only to get up to speed on the value prop of your category--but also to sell your category internally to stakeholders and ownership as a strong candidate for investment.

  • 🛠 What is it? In the 2020 budget season guides we added quick pitch ROI calculators (see example). In 2021 we'll be adding RFP templates that hoteliers who download the guide can use in their search, selection and comparison process
  • What to do: If you opted to contribute your insights to this piece of content in the sponsor onboarding form you will be sent the template for collaborating on this content as soon as Phase II begins.
  • Deadline: July 15th through August 1st

Phase III: Design & production

During this phase, HTR will be redesigning covers, updating guide content and creating the new piece of value add content for the year. Your team can just kick back and once your draft is ready, we will reach out with the draft link for you to review and provide revisions.

  • 🛠 What is it? Time period where HTR will design and produce the first draft of your category's buyer's guide.
  • What to do: Kick back, relax and wait to be sent your first draft link to be sent at the end of the design and production period.
  • Deadline: August 1st through August 15th

Phase IV: Revision period

Once the Hotel Tech Report team has finished designing and producing the draft of your buyer's guide, we will send along your draft via Dropbox PDF. If you have missing information or would like to make any edits, please make sure to do so by following the steps outlined in the revision process article to ensure that your revisions are incorporated into the final version.

  • 🛠 What is it? An opportunity for sponsors to provide feedback and revisions on the first draft of their guide.
  • What to do: Follow the steps outlined in the revision process article and provide any revisions you have.
  • Deadline: August 15th through August 22nd

Phase V: Final touches, revisions & go live

The HTR team will implement your revisions and suggestions and produce the final version of your guide. It will then be uploaded to your category on HTR and you will be sent a hard copy along with a 1-year content license to leverage the guide in your own marketing.

  • 🛠 What is it? Period where the HTR team will implement your revisions to the draft.
  • What to do: Nothing, ball is in HTR's court
  • Deadline: September 1st through September 15th

Phase VI: Localization & translations

If your company purchased additional translations of your guide, these will be completed as the final step once all primary english guides have been completed and set live on the site for the current year budget season.

  • 🛠 What is it? Creation of guide translations once the english version has been finalized and set live
  • What to do: If you purchased translations, you will be notified with more information Learn more about translations
  • Deadline: September 15th through October 1st)

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