Offering B2B reviewers something in exchange for taking time from their time is commonplace in the world of online reviews so long as proper precautions have been complied with to ensure that compensation does not manipulate or bias reviews. Anything offered by vendors on Hotel Tech Report must meet community guidelines.

As a basic rule, indirect incentives may be offered to increase the conversion rate on review campaigns; however, in no event may direct incentives be offered in a way that might manipulate or bias reviews.

What is a permitted incentive?

Randomized giveaways are permitted such as "get entered to win a $20 gift card".

What is a prohibited incentive?

Please report all infractions to site moderators via or via live chat for the review to be taken down immediately. Infractions include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Moderate infraction: Direct incentives are strictly prohibited on Hotel Tech Report and are a violation of our community guidelines. For example, a vendor may not say "Write a review, get a $20 gift card".
  • Severe infraction: A severe infraction would consist of a request that directly attempts to manipulate reviews (e.g. "Write a 5-star review, get $20).

What happens when a breach of terms is reported?

Firstly and most importantly, any review associated with a breach of terms is removed upon the user's request and notification. If the user provides evidence of the breach the vendor will be given a warning. If more evidence is uncovered of continued breaches, Hotel Tech Report reserves the right to penalize vendors by flagging any suspicious reviews as potentially biased, deducting a penalty from the vendor's score and displaying a warning message on the vendor's profile to indicate the breach for a period of up to 12-months depending on the severity and intent of the breach.

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