Why incentives are encouraged when trying to gather B2B reviews

In the B2B world incentives are more common than in the B2C space and we highly encourage them (even if its just a little something). On B2C sites like TripAdvisor, consumers find reviewing cathartic and empowering and view it as a scrapbooking or knowledge sharing tool to share with their friends on social channels (eg. show off your latest vacation/hotel experience). That said, reviewing B2B software companies isn't quite as fun as you might imagine (especially when you're swamped at work), so offering an incentive giveaway is a great way not only to gamify review collection and increase conversion, but also to say thank you and show appreciation to your customers for taking time out of their busy day to share their feedback.

Offering customers something in exchange for taking time from their busy days is a respectful gesture in the B2B world while making it a bit more fun for them giving them a reason to leave a review.

Guidelines for running a giveaway campaign:

  1. Giveaway, not pay per review: A giveaway can be run with an incentive but offering pay per review (eg. Write a review, get a $20 gift card)*
  2. Must be randomized: Winner selected from the giveaway must be selected at random without singling out a specific reviewer*
  3. No influence over review content: Although seemingly obvious, it is forbidden to suggest incentives for high ratings under any circumstances (eg. leave a 5-star review to win...). Giveaways must be unbiased and randomized

* There is one exception to random giveaways which is if the giveaway is (a) non-monetary (ie. company merch/swag) and (b) is offered to all user (ie. via login screen, in-app banner, etc)

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