While you might be thinking now isn't a great time to reach out to hoteliers to ask for reviews, we've seen saavy vendors showing that not only is the opposite true--but they've even turned it into an opportunity to checkin with clients and show that they are thinking of them and care and are getting amazing results generating more reviews than non-COVID times!

We thought that was pretty awesome so we wanted to make it easy for all of you. All you'll need to do is take 15-minutes to follow the 5 steps below and you'll be generating reviews in no time and you're customers will love you for it!

  • For Premium Members: This guide walks you through how to add the COVID templates (at the bottom of this article) to the Premium Review Manager and launch your campaign to thousands of users with almost no setup time (takes ~10-15 minutes)
  • For Basic Members: You can follow this guide and use the templates but you'll need to setup the campaigns in your own email marketing software with your own conversion tracking, followup and sequences

Guide overview:

  • 👩🏼‍💻 Step 1: Prepare and upload your outreach list
  • 📝 Step 2: Copy the templates into the automated review manager
  • 🎁 Step 3: Choose your giveaway reward/s & HTR will match Step 1: Launch your campaign
  • 🚀 Step 4: Decide which outreach strategy you want to use and launch your campaign


👩🏼‍💻 Step 1: Prepare and upload your outreach list

To set your company up for success we strongly suggest creating a target number of reviews. Our recommendation is to set your first goal/milestone as your category's minimum review threshold if you want to earn full points for the volume metric to maximize your HT Score, ranking, visibility and lead volumes). You can still improve your HT Score even if this goal seems out of reach for the time being, but ultimately this should be your north star to try to rank amongst top providers in the category.

Once you know your goal, you can expect about 30-40% open rates and 10-15% completion rates on your campaigns so you can back into your outreach list size. For example if your goal is 30 reviews, you'll want a list size of 200 users (300 users x 10% conversion =30 reviews). This is on the low side and if you follow best practices to personalize your outreach and motivate your team and clients, you will likely get significantly higher than this but this is the bear case to assume.

If its your first review campaign we recommend starting with 1-2 smaller test campaigns 100-200 users so you can test different messaging to find what works for with your clients and then scale that to the rest of your users.

Remember its 1 review/user NOT 1 review/client: Any user that interacts with and uses your product can leave a review so don't feel limited to only putting your main contact at each client property or portfolio but rather all users who interact with and use your product.

📝 Step 2: Copy the templates into the automated review manager

Copy the COVID giveaway campaign templates into the templates feature in the automated review manager of your vendor dashboard and customize them to your liking. If you would like HTR to review your templates prior to sending your campaign feel free to reach out--we're here to help!

Note: Please make sure to check out our review collection best practices which include small tips to help increase conversion from sending your campaign from a recognizable executive to launching on a Tuesday to personalizing your messaging.

Best practices for setting up your review strategy

🎁 Step 3: Choose your giveaway reward/s (& HTR will match you)

We've seen vendors in the community run review campaigns as a way to reach out to their clients and remind them that we're all in this together while also helping out by offering giveaways like a $100 Instacart gift card to a client who leaves a review before the end of the month.

We thought that was pretty awesome so we created the templates below to make it copy/paste easy for you to do to the same.

Want HTR to match your giveaway?

🚀 Step 4: Launch your campaign

If you are a BASIC MEMBER using your own off-platform email marketing or CRM software...make sure you have the following in place:

  1. Conversion tracking
  2. Drip sequence w/at least one followup message
  3. A process to keep track of which of your users you have reached out (so you don't double up on requests in the future)
  4. A way for your team to access the information
  5. A strategy for if you want to followup with users who don't leave a review in the automated sequence, how your team will followup

If you are a Premium Member...running your campaign through the automated review manager, all of these items are natively built in to the review manager so they are automatically taken care of for you and all you have to do is press 'Launch Campaign' (⏯ View video tutorial). Then just sit back, relax and watch the reviews roll in!

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