First and foremost if you haven't already read Leads 101: Everything you need to know about leads on Hotel Tech Report and Beyond, make sure to at least give it a quick skim.

Once you have, you'll know the two types of leads and how to think about formulating your leads strategy on Hotel Tech Report much more effectively.

Here are a few tips for getting started with leads on Hotel Tech Report:

TIP #1: We strongly advise against accepting any matched leads until you have a solid reputation better reputation on HTR

 As outlined in Leads 101, there are 2 types of leads on HTR--direct and matched leads.  Direct leads have directly asked for info from you, so its always worth accepting these ones (and make sure to do so as quickly as possible to maximize your success rates...lots of vendors setup auto-forwarding to CRM and instant nurture sequences for this reason).  

On the other hand we recommend not connecting with any matched leads until you have a solid reputation on HTR.  How do you define solid? At a bare minimum you should have 25 verified reviews on your profiles with an average likelihood to recommend of at least 80% before you start connecting with matched leads.

Not only does collecting reviews improve your rankings and reputation to boost your visibility, but it in turn also helps you generate more leads organically so this should your primary focus above all else when getting started on Hotel Tech Report. 

Why having reviews helps you improve your chances with leads
Our audience of 40,000+ monthly hoteliers comes to HTR for verified client reviews, so if you reach out to a matched lead you should expect that they WILL check your HTR profiles and if your reputation/profiles don't show strongly, they will likely ignore your outreach so you'd be shooting yourself in the foot a bit (more on why reviews are so critical to your success on HTR here).

Tip #2: Don't accept any leads unless you have a realistic strategy in place

If you have read Leads 101, you now understand the difference between leads, clicks and affiliate commissions so you're off to a great start to formulating your team's approach, strategy and budget for lead generation on Hotel Tech Report.

We recommend comparing your lead budget and strategy on HTR to setting up a Google PPC strategy and budget.  

  • Budget appropriately: Just like you wouldn't throw $5 at Google and say "here's 5 dollars to get me a click so I can try the program and see if the click converts to a customer", you shouldn't expect to buy one lead and close that first lead right away.  Time and volume are the key and you should go in full well understanding (and expecting) that not all leads will convert to close deals (or this would be an affiliate model which typically costs 10-15% commission on the value of the contract into perpetuity).   Instead if you want to test viability of Google PPC for your business you set aside let's say $2-3k to test a few campaigns and setup conversion tracking knowing that some clicks will convert to lead capture, and of those some will convert to demos and some will convert to customers.  If you don't set aside a reasonable budget to run a few campaigns and get some click volume, Google PPC on a click by click basis you'll never get to enough scale to find out if this is a lucrative channel for you.  Similarly with HTR, we recommend (1) make sure your reputation is strong per #1 above and (2) make sure you have setup a strategy and reasonable expectations for leads along with a reasonable budget to get some volume

Next steps for kicking off your lead gen with Hotel Tech Report

  1. Step 1: Accept any direct leads ASAP since they are requesting info specifically about your products/services (these will trickle in here and there until you have a better reputation on the site)
  2. Step 2: Focus on getting to 25 reviews and ideally becoming top 3 in your core categories to have credible and trust worthy profiles that are enticing and build trust with buyers (improving your rankings also garners more visibility + more direct and matched leads)
  3. Step 3: Read the Leads 101 article and devise a lead gen strategy and reasonable budget to get some volume to properly assess the program similar to how you might if you were assessing Google PPC as a paid acquisition strategy/channel

If you have any questions as you're getting started, our team can be reached via the on-site live chat when you are logged into your account.

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