For a review to be published on Hotel Tech Report it must pass at least one of the 4 verification options.   If a client is saying they left a review but it isn't showing up on your profile it is for one of two reasons, either:

  • Reason #1: They are telling you they left a review but they actually didn't
  • Reason #2: The user left the review within the last 72-hours and it just hasn't been published yet
  • Reason #3: They left a review but it failed verification
  • Reason #4: They left a partial review but failed to complete and submit their review (ie. they did not fill in the required ratings and text fields)

If reason #1 or #2 is the case, there isn't much to be done here.  If reason c is the case, make sure to check out Hotel Tech Report's verification process before a review can be published. In short, the process and options are as follows: 

  1. First attempt: Email domain or Linkedin login 
  2. Second attempt: 24-hours later reminder sent if user didn't click verification link
  3. Third and final attempt: After 72-hours review is rejected and user is sent additional verification options via email (eg. upload logged in screenshot, recent invoice, etc)

If a user fails all three attempts this review is officially rejected from the system and no further attempts will be made by Hotel Tech Report to verify the review.  If at any point in the future the user completes the additional verification options sent to their email in the 3rd and final attempt (see above), the review will be published.

Is there a way to see which reviewers have failed the verification options?

Premium Members gain access to the Premium Review Manager where they gain full visibility into reviewers, reviews, statuses and the ability to respond to reviews.   The Premium Review Manager also comes with a 4th verification attempt feature to automatically trigger verification to get unverified reviews verified as shown below.

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