It really comes down to your own internal branding and strategy.  If you want the two brands to be viewed separately with their own products, then you would keep them as separate companies on HTR (examples include: SiteMinder/Little Hotelier, Travel Tripper/Pegasus).

If your internal brand and integration strategy is to merge the two companies/brands into 1 and drop one of the brands/names, then you will want to pick which profile you would like to keep and which you would like merged and let us know via the on-site live chat.

What happens to a profile if one company is acquired by another company?

In the hotel tech space, acquiring companies is a great way to grow your install base and increase scale. If your company was recently acquired or your company acquired another company, here's how it works with your profiles. To articulate how this works, we'll use the example of a recent large acquisition where ALICE acquired GoConcierge.

The critical question to determine how to handle profiles post acquisition: Will the acquired company's product or brand be discontinued/deprecated?

  • If yes, then the existing profile remains as is and we add notation for 'acquired by [company]' into the profile title. The profile is left online for 90-days post acquisition for hotelier users to find it and after that point the acquirer may choose to take it down or leave it up at any point.

  • If the product will be discontinued, then there is a 90-day period with which the acquiring company has two options as to how to handle the profile both with the aim of ensuring that hoteliers looking for the acquired company on Hotel Tech Report are able to (this is a benefit for the acquirer as well since it drives traffic and helps educate hoteliers about their acquisition)

If the acquirer plans on discontinuing the acquired brand/product they have two options as to how to handle the profile:

Option #1: Shut down the profile completely. If selected we would:

  1. Mark the GoConcierge profile as ‘GoConcierge (acquired, now ALICE Concierge)’

  2. Add to the profile description that GoConcierge was acquired by ALICE and that the product is no longer available

  3. Shut down the profile anytime after 90-days post-acquisition so hoteliers have had time to find it and so the team has had time to inform customers

Option #2: Merge the two profiles together. If selected we would:

  1. Denote the acquisition in the title 'ALICE Concierge (formerly GoConcierge)’

  2. Shut down the existing profile for ALICE Concierge as of the time of this change

  3. Remove the ‘formerly GoConcierge’ in the title anytime after 90-days post-acquisition

Acquiring company acquires all assets of that company

When you boil it down simply, an acquisition means that one company purchases all of the assets (and liabilities) of another company. Of these assets, there are tangible ones (eg. reviews, Hotel Tech Report profile, etc) and intangible ones (eg. reputation) that come into play with your Hotel Tech Report profiles. Put simply, the acquiring company (in this example ALICE) has assumed all ownership and responsibility over the acquired company/brand (GoConcierge).

My company was acquired, so what happens next?

Inform Hotel Tech Report via live chat as to the acquisition as well as your team's decision to continue selling or discontinue the acquired company's products and services. If discontinuing, choose option #1 or #2 from above.

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