Hotel Tech Report is constantly adding new features and benefits for Premium Members.  Most of the time these features come at no additional cost but in certain circumstances membership pricing may change.

I. You can view current membership packages as well as your own via the membership portal

You can view your current membership package, period and benefits in the membership portal of your vendor dashboard. You can also view the history of improvements and changes to membership packages via the membership change log.

II. HTR rolls out new membership packages yearly

Each year, HTR rolls out new membership packages that include new features and benefits. Usually new membership packages do not include price changes but depending on the new benefits added to membership and annual audience growth there might be a slight change

III. Annual members on legacy membership plans are grandfathered in for the duration of their membership

If a new plan is rolled out, existing members will remain into their existing pricing, plan and benefits for the duration of their annual membership period. At the end of your membership period, you will receive a renewal offer where you will be able to renew your membership with the latest membership plan. You can view current membership packages and benefits in the membership portal and if you would like to upgrade sooner, you can request a prorated membership upgrade to any of the latest membership packages (eg. Silver, Gold or Platinum).

IV. Quarterly members on legacy plans automatically get enrolled in the latest membership after 12-months

Companies on legacy quarterly plans are treated as annual members after 12-months on their current legacy plan at which point they are automatically upgraded to the latest plan version assuming there is no price change involved. If there is difference in pricing from your current plan to the latest membership package, you will not automatically be upgrade but you can request an upgrade and opt-in to the current pricing.

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