Hotel Tech Report is constantly adding new features and benefits for Premium Members.  Most of the time these features come at no additional cost but in certain circumstances membership pricing may change.

Will my pricing change when new updates go into effect for Premium Membership?

As new features and benefits get rolled out for Premium Members, pricing is subject to change.  In the event of a price change, existing members will be grandfathered in on their current pricing for the duration of their subscription with their current set of benefits and often times will also receive free feature upgrades that will automatically be activated in your dashboard.

How do I know which new premium features/benefits we get included with our existing plan?

To find out if new features and benefits added to Premium Membership are included with your plan, please see the list below.

What if I want to access the latest features/benefits of Premium but they aren't included with my plan?

If your company is on an older Premium Membership plan and pricing, you can upgrade your plan to access the latest features/benefits by writing in via the live chat on Hotel Tech Report to let us know you would like to upgrade.  

How much does it cost to upgrade to the latest version of Premium Membership?

To find out the difference in pricing from your current plan, navigate to Settings-->Billing in your vendor dashboard to view current rates and view the difference to your current pricing (shown here).

Premium Membership 2.0

  • V2 Premium Review Manager
  • V2 Premium Ad-Free Profiles
  • Respond to anonymous reviews from profile
  • Hosted Reports
  • Profile demo video
  • Discounted leads (30% off)
  • Downloads tab in vendor dashboard
  • Early access and exclusive discounts to promotional opportunities
  • Discounts on GCSC Certification (not included with Premium 1.0 plans)
  • Content Credits (not included with Premium 1.0 plans)
  • Strategy consulting sessions (not included with Premium 1.0 plans)

Premium Membership 1.0

  • V1 Automated review manager
  • V1 Premium profiles
  • Respond to reviews
  • Unlimited free press release posting

Still have questions?

Write in via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report, we're here to help!

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