Dividing and conquering amongst your client facing teams can be a great strategy for easily collecting reviews.  Just imagine, if you have 10 team members who are client facing (eg. sales, customer success, account managers, executives, etc) and each of those 10 team members can gather 10 reviews, you'd have 100 reviews in no time.

Some companies choose to do this manually using a white board in their office and having client facing team members add tally marks next to their name on the whiteboard as they reach out to clients, and their clients leave reviews.  

Another tip to increase team engagement is by gamifying the team campaign and offering an incentive to the team member who is able to gather the most reviews in a given period of time.  Here is some inspiration/a few some examples of creative and fun incentives companies have offered in team campaigns: 

  • Whichever team member is the first to gather X client reviews wins a $250 Amazon Giftcard
  • Whichever team member gathers the most client reviews by X date wins company swag
  • Group employees into teams and the winning team who gathers the most customer reviews by X date gets taken to lunch by the CEO

Hotel Tech Report also offers a $100 Amazon Gift card to give away to the member of your team who gathers the most reviews

Hotel Tech Report even offers a subsidy of $100 gift card to Premium Members who want to try out this strategy and motivate their teams 

Hotel Tech Report $100 Amazon Giftcard Requirements:

  • Campaign must generate at least 50 reviews
  • At least 5 team members must be involved in the campaign
  • The winning member must gather at least 30 verified client reviews during the campaign 

Are you a Premium Member? Click here to learn how to use the Premium Review Manager to easily run a divide and conquer campaign

How to divide and conquer

  1. Invite your customer facing reps: Client facing reps have relationships with clients, so naturally their requests convert higher.  Teams who collaborated with at least 3 client service reps to gather reviews obtained on average 5x more reviews than those with only 1 Hotel Tech Report account manager.  
  2. 1-to-1 Outreach: Send your customer success and client facing teams your unique review link to reach out to their clients using one of the copy/paste templates at the bottom of this article (shown here)
  3. Personalize your requests and leverage SmartLinks: Personalized review requests from client service reps converted the highest.  Personalize your subject line and message to make 
  4. Make it fun and motivate your team: Teams who gamified or incentivized review gathering for their customer success teams were all top performers (e.g. $50 Amazon card to the rep with the most reviews in a month).  Do this on a whiteboard in your office or upgrade to premium to unlock the team leaderboard (coming August 2018)

Copy/Paste Review Outreach Templates to Share with Your Team

A few helpful copy/paste templates to share with your team 😉

Email templates for both internal and external use
Phone scripts for account managers and customer facing teams

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