Hotel Tech Report’s mission is to make technology discovery fun, easy and accessible for hoteliers. To maintain full transparency with our community, we will outline our different content types and who maintains editorial control of each to provide our community with transparency into our editorial process.

Table of Contents

  1. Syndicated Press Releases

  2. Guest Posting

  3. Sponsored Articles

  4. Hosting Your Own Content

  5. Ghost Writing Services

  6. Custom Reports and Guides

I. Syndicated Press Release (1 credit)

A press release drafted by vendor partners gets posted to the HTR Newswire and is credited to the relevant vendor partner.

II. Guest Posting (4 credits)

A thought leadership or opinion piece written by your company that is not overly promotional in nature.  All data and claims must be substantiated by publicly available research and common knowledge.

III. Sponsored Content

Sponsored articles are created in collaboration with vendor partners.  These articles are indicated as “sponsored content” and can range from thought leadership to product deep dives.

**Rush orders for sponsored articles: 14-days (6 credits) or 7-days (8 credits)

IV. Hosting Your Own Content

V. Ghost Writing Services

Let our team of experienced writers create on demand content for your executive team or blog.  We jokingly call our writers and editors  "hotel tech whisperers" because they deeply understand how to break down complex concepts in terms that buyers understand.

  • Short Form (8-credits): 600-800 words, 2 revisions included, 30-day lead time

  • Long Form (16-credits): 2,000-2,500 words, 20-min ideation call with HTR Editorial

  • Links: Add content credits, Place an order

    **Rush orders on ghost writing services: 14-days (6 credits) or 7-days (8 credits)

VI. Custom Reports & Guides

Hotel Tech Report has proprietary data, highly experienced writers, graphic designers and content creators.  Engage our team to create affordable branded content for your technology business that is unmatched in quality.

Pricing: Starts at 40 content credits.  Inquire via live chat for custom projects

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