Hotel Tech Report’s mission is to make technology discovery fun, easy and accessible for hoteliers. To maintain full transparency with our community, we will outline our different content types and who maintains editorial control of each to provide our community with transparency into our editorial process.

Table of Contents

1. Syndicated Press Releases

2. Guest Posting

3. Content Coverage

4. Sponsored Content

5. Hosted Reports


#1 Syndicated Press Release (1 credit)

A press release drafted by vendor partners gets posted to the HTR Newswire and is credited to the relevant vendor partner.


#2 Guest Posting (4 credits)

A thought leadership or opinion piece written by your company that is not overly promotional in nature.  All data and claims must be substantiated by publicly available research and common knowledge.


#3 Content Coverage (6 credits)

Hotel Tech Report regularly posts editorial content about relevant topics, products and trends to educate and highlight tools to help hoteliers grow their businesses. This content is ideated and produced by Hotel Tech Report who then selects relevant Premium Members to highlight as examples in each article.  

Content Coverage is NOT created in collaboration with vendors and is 100% up to the discretion of HTR's Editorial Team to decide topics that are covered and which vendors are featured as examples in each piece.

While content coverage remains at the discretion of HTR's Editorial team--Premium Members may suggest tips and ideas about their latest product updates, news and relevant trends to help inform which content they are covered in.

Content Coverage in a given article is exclusive to one vendor per category and comes with turnkey white glove service including: research, writing and often graphic design to help articulate concepts.  Relevant vendors are selected to be featured as tangible examples and proof points within each article.

Content Coverage Types: 

  • Problem-Solution: An in-depth look at a relevant pain-point that is experienced by hoteliers which can be alleviated by technology see example 
  • Executive Interview: Standalone story on a company's history, technology or team highlighting a specific individual at the company see example 
  • Vertical Learnings: Take insights and learnings from other industries and apply them to hotel technology to create relatable and buzz worthy content that catches the eyes of hoteliers see example
  • The Tech Your Department Needs: Curated list of products and tools that serve a specific department within a hotel and solve key pain points see example (note: exclusive mention is not provided for this content type; however, premium members receive priority placement and visibility)
  • Content Roundup: A recap and distillation of proprietary research from vendor partners including white papers, reports & webinars see example
  • Market Forces: Major forces impacting the global hotel industry that sit outside of the typical scope of technology.  These pieces look at trends in real estate, operations and macro-economic market conditions and relate them to technology in unique ways to highlight nuanced correlations, insights and parallels that might otherwise go unnoticed see example
  • Dummy's Guide to X: A primer that explains key concepts in simple terms see example


#4 Sponsored Content

Sponsored articles are created in collaboration with vendor partners.  These articles are indicated as “sponsored content” and can range from thought leadership to product deep dives.  Sponsored articles focus more on products and organizations in contrast with content coverage which focuses on trends. 

Short Form (8-credits): 600-800 words, 20-min ideation call with HTR Editorial, 3 revisions included, 7-day lead time see example

Long Form (16-credits): 2,000-2,500 words, 20-min ideation call with HTR Editorial, 4 revisions included, 30-day lead time see example

Sponsored Content Types: 

  • Product/Feature Launch: In-depth look at an upcoming (or recent) product or feature launch highlighting the problem it solves and value that it adds see example
  • X Features You Didn't Know About: Article highlighting little known/unique product features to help boost visibility with prospects and existing customers.
  • Customer Spotlight/Success Story: Vendor selects a recent client success and Hotel Tech Report performs an in-depth interview with the client to ideate the content angle.
  • Integration Walk Through: A step-by-step walk through showing tangible ways that a specific integration adds value for users.  (Best for: Cross promotion of partner companies to boost article engagement, promotion and visibility)

#5 Hosted Reports

Hosted reports are meant to be educational for hoteliers.  HTR has limited space for these reports which means that we need to reserve the real estate for only the best content.  

In general, use common sense when posting and think "is this content actually worth downloading?"  If the answer is no, not only is the content likely to hurt downloads for your peers but it is also unlikely to result in downloads and could even hurt your brand to put out unprofessional work.


  • Proprietary research
  • Presentation or .pdf decks
  • White-papers
  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Extensive educational infographics

Not allowed:

  • Blog post turned into a pdf
  • Short and uninformative vanity infographics

Specifications: Minimum 4-5 pages, must complete ALL fields (description, minimum 3 bullet points) and upload clean imagery (either royalty free or created in house) 

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