Please note: The 3-strike policy goes into effect August 1st, 2019

When you get a new direct or matched lead via Hotel Tech Report you will receive a notification email letting you know that a new lead is available in your dashboard.  From there, we ask that you please take action on leads within 24-hours but no more than 72-hours.  After 72-hours leads expire and will count as a strike towards your company beginning August 1st.

To ensure that your company continues receiving leads from Hotel Tech Report, we ask that your team please make sure to take action on leads within 24-hours (ie. either press accept or decline on the lead as shown here).

This helps us ensure that our users have a positive experience and if a lead is not a good fit for your company, that we can know to jump in and help the hotelier find a better fit for their properties.


Beginning August 1st, each expired lead will count as a strike towards your company and each company will get 3-strikes so please make sure you take action within 24-hours on all leads (just takes two clicks so we know you got this 😉).


Companies who receive 3-strikes (ie. 3 expired leads) and wish to reactivate their lead generation capabilities on Hotel Tech Report will be required to pay a $1000 reinstatement fee and must agree to auto-accept all leads to mitigate potential future issues with delayed lead responses.

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