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Our Premium Members like to think of their HTR profiles as their virtual conference booth, but instead of being limited to a 3-day conference in one location--they're open for prospects to discover 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.  Not bad especially considering you didn't have to pay 50k like you would would for a physical conference booth 😉

Premium Members benefit from a suite of features and benefits that help improve your online reputation, curate your profiles and boost visibility:

Premium Membership Updates & Enhancements Change Log: 

(10/01/19) New premium onboarding and strategy sessions (coming soon)
(09/01/19) Premium Members now receive discounted leads
(07/29/19) Redesigned premium profiles, 1-click review refresh, support cert & more
(06/01/19) Update: Content credits & coverage added to all Premium 2.0 plans
(05/14/19) Premium 2.0: Hosted content, free press releases, downloads tab and more

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