What is the Support Certification & Leaderboard?

Support is one of the most critical aspects of the vendor selection process for hoteliers and brands--yet historically there has never been a way to identify which companies have truly exceptional support.  Together with a coalition of forward thinking vendors committed to pushing the industry forward, the concept for the HTR Support Certification and Live Leaderboard was born.  

What is the mission and purpose of the certification and leaderboard?

The mission of the leaderboard is to make it easier and less risky for hoteliers around the world adopt new technology to grow their businesses in turn helping speed up the pace of technology adopting for the global hotel industry.  

How can my company get our support certification?

Click here to apply to earn your support certification.  Certification requires an annual audit of your support systems and has a $2000/year certification fee for basic members (free for Premium Members).

What happens once you earn your support certification?

Once you apply, Hotel Tech Report will reach out to schedule a certification phone call with your team.  On the call we will discuss your internal systems and verify that you meet the minimum criteria to be certified.  After the call, we will activate the certification badge on your profiles, category pages and search results on Hotel Tech Report and send you your badge to website badge, email footer, share graphic and press release template to leverage in your sales and marketing to build trust with buyers.

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