The Problem

Collecting reviews from clients in B2B SaaS is...well...hard! 

You have your marketers and executives who want the reviews and customer success who has the customer relationships and then you're trying to manage personal outreach and followup at scale while keeping track of who left reviews and who didn't...let's just say--its a nightmare!

The Solution

Enter...the Automated Review Campaign Manager.  Premium Members get access to this swanky tool that comes packed with features like 1-click drip sequences, open and completion tracking, conversion boosting Smart Links that automatically identify users and customizable campaign templates all of which were built to make it easy to track and manage outreach, collaborate across teams and gather more customer proof.  Companies who use the automated review manager typically see around 30% open rates and 12% completion rates (recent campaign stats).

Note: The Automated Review Campaign Manager is a Premium feature. Learn more about Premium

Option #1: Launch a fully automated review campaign via the Premium Review Manager

The video below shows you how to go from no reviews to tons of reviews with under 10-minutes of setup time (updated September 1st, 2019)


Step 1: Prepare and import your list
Step 2: (optional) Complete details and assign clients
Step 3: Decide who is going to be sending your campaign
Step 4: Decide if you will include a giveaway offer to incentivize users
Step 5: Customize your campaign templates
Step 6: Choose your campaign time and press send
Step 7: Assign
Looking for a sample csv to import clients? Download sample csv

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