Update: (5/15/19) Lead Gen 2.0 product improvements and pricing

More than 40,000+ hoteliers come to Hotel Tech Report every month to get advice and recommendations for which tools are the best fit to run their hotel and grow their business.

The two ways to get discovered and boost your visibility on HTR are: 

  1. Customer Reviews: Recommendations are made to hoteliers based on their property type, size and geography.  Make sure your profiles have reviews from your target segments (eg. Boutique hotels in Europe) in order to get recommended and matched with more buyers. (Related Article: How to improve your HT Score)
  2. Content Coverage:  Other than reviews and recommendations, thousands of hoteliers read HTR's content every month so getting featured is one of the primary ways to boost you visibility, brand awareness and lead volume.  To learn more about content collaborations and coverage, please head to our vendor site.

Hotel Tech Report is structured to qualify prospects and match them with the right vendor and getting reviews is the key to making sure you get matched with best-fit prospects looking for your solutions

Reviews help you boost your visibility to get more direct lead requests as well as matched lead requests.  

Matched leads are leads who expressed that they are in the market in the next 12-months and are looking for your solution and you were one of the top 3 matches for them.
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