More than 140,000+ hoteliers come to Hotel Tech Report every month to get advice and recommendations about which tools are the best fit to run their hotel and grow their business.

Hotel Tech Report is structured to qualify prospects and match them with the best-fit vendor based on reviews from similar hoteliers which is why getting reviews is the key to making sure you get matched with best-fit prospects looking for your solutions.  Reviews help you boost your rankings and visibility to get more direct and matched leads.


I. How to attract more high quality leads in your target segments

Anyone who has spent a minute in a hotel knows that the differences in property types are vast.  Whether you're a hostel with multiple beds booked separately in each room, a resort with bookable tennis courts or luxury villas with every room type being unique--each property has a unique set of characteristics and needs.

That's why its important for hoteliers not just to consider the top rated vendor when looking for new tech, but the top rated vendor for their property type to make sure their unique needs and pain points are addressed.

That's why we segment data carefully and offer buyers the ability to get targeted and personalized recommendations based on reviews from similar hoteliers/properties.

Recommendations are made to hoteliers based on their property type, size and geography. Make sure your profiles have reviews from your target segments (eg. Boutique hotels in Europe) in order to get recommended and matched with more buyers. (Related Article: How to improve your HT Score)

II. So how do the by-segment rankings work?

Its pretty simple, rankings are based on 3 factors (ranked from most important to least important):

  1. Review quantity in the given segment

  2. Ratings by hoteliers who left reviews in that segment

  3. Number of reported installs

III. So how can I improve my company's rankings for our target segments?

As you collect reviews from your core segments you will rank higher for hoteliers on the site looking for solutions in your category AND you will generate more matched leads for these segments by ranking higher.

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