As we head into summer we wanted everyone to have a clear understanding of key dates and deadlines to keep in mind.

The key deadlines are:

  • June 1st: 2020 category buyers guide sponsorship opens to the public Learn more about buyers guide sponsorship
  • June 15th: Premium 2.0 has launched with tons of new functionality.  All companies who have signed up by this date will benefit from 1.0 pricing.  Prices for all new registrations after June 15th will increase by $100/month. Learn more about premium membership
  • June 25th: 2019-2020 editorial calendar launches
  • July 1st: HotelTechAwards registration opens meaning that early bird registration prices expire.  Register before July 1st for 45% savings. Register for the 2020 HotelTechAwards

Premium 2.0: Discounted 1.0 pricing expires on June 15th

We're excited to announce Premium 2.0 which includes a suite of new benefits to help save time, improve your reputation and boost your visibility on Hotel Tech Report.  

A few new benefits exclusively for HTR Premium members include:

  • Capture profile downloads by adding gated content to your premium profiles
  • Boost your visibility by getting featured in Hotel Tech Report articles
  • Cut down on PR costs with unlimited free press release posting
  • Expand the reach of your content by uploading it to HTR's new reports library
  • Improve your rank by gathering more reviews with less effort with the automated review manager
  • $500 off all sponsored content opportunities including annual budget season buyer's guides

With these enhancements to Premium Membership will come a price increase of $100/mo beginning on June 15th.  

All existing Premium members will be grandfathered in at their current pricing as will any companies who sign up for an annual membership before June 15th (up to $1200/year savings).

You can learn more about Premium membership here and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the 24/7 livechat and we're happy to assist.

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