We're excited to announce Premium 2.0 which includes new benefits to help Premium Members save time, improve your reputation and boost your visibility on Hotel Tech Report.  

A few new benefits exclusively for HTR Premium members include:

  • Capture profile downloads by adding gated content to your premium profiles
  • Boost your visibility by getting featured in Hotel Tech Report articles
  • Cut down on PR costs with unlimited free press release posting
  • Expand the reach of your content by uploading it to HTR's new reports library
  • Improve your rank by gathering more reviews with less effort with the automated review manager
  • All new Premium Profiles to entice buyers and improve your online reputation
  • $500 off all sponsored content opportunities including annual budget season buyer's guides

With these enhancements to Premium Membership will come a price increase of $100/mo beginning on June 15th.  

All existing Premium members and any companies who upgrade to an annual membership before June 15th (up to $1200/year savings) will be able to lock in current pricing for the duration of their subscription.

What's new?

  • Update #1: Profile Gated Content & Downloads
  • Update #2: Custom Content Coverage
  • Update #3: Unlimited Free Press Releases
  • Update #4: Automated Review Gathering
  • Update #5: Exclusive Access & Discounts on Sponsored Content

Update #1: Capture Profile Downloads

Unlock the downloads tab in the vendor dashboard and upload helpful content and a demo video to your profiles to capture visitor information.

Update #2: Custom Content Coverage

When it comes to hotel tech, telling your story in an engaging way is hard.  Telling your story in an engaging way AND finding distribution to get the word out it is damn near impossible.  Premium members now receive regular coverage on HTR where we craft the story and spread the word for you to help boost your visibility and supplement your PR efforts.

Update #3: Unlimited Free Press Releases

Ever wonder why it costs $200 to post a single press release on other sites when mainstream media doesn't pick up most of the news from press releases in our industry? Yep, we did too.  That's why we allow you to post unlimited press releases for free right on HTR with built in distribution. 

Update #4: Automated Review Gathering

The free version of the Review Manager has been discontinued and is now exclusively for Premium members.  All Premium members can access the full suite of features in the Premium Review Manager to run automated campaigns and gather more reviews with less effort.

Update #5: All new Premium Profiles (coming mid-June)

Entice buyers and improve your online reputation with the all new Premium Profiles.  Updates include: Branded banner, removal of ads, awards & certifications section, added find a reference lead capture CTA, gated demo video, gated reports section, press releases, 

Update #6: Exclusive Access & Discounts on Sponsored Content

Premium members receive $500 off all sponsored content opportunities.

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