What does this mean for me as a vendor in the Apaleo app marketplace?
This means that Apaleo clients now have access to verified client reviews which build trust and ultimately help you close deals faster than ever before right from the Apaleo app store.  The combination of Apaleo's data transfer technology with Hotel Tech Report's deep unbiased content makes researching and buying hotel tech easier than ever in history.

What if I am not listed on Hotel Tech Report?
Hotel Tech Report is offering vendors in the Apaleo marketplace 50% off product listing (a one-time $125 listing fee).  Please request the Apaleo discount code via live chat on this page and then list your products here.

What if I don't have reviews on Hotel Tech Report?Getting reviews on Hotel Tech Report is easy, free and takes just a few minutes to get setup.  Hotel Tech Report has built a suite of free tools to help vendors gather feedback at scale and leverage that feedback to build trust with prospects to close more deals. Here are some articles to help you get started on Hotel Tech Report.

How to gather client reviews on Hotel Tech Report in under 5-minutes

Are there other exclusive benefits available to Apaleo marketplace members?
es, Apaleo marketplace members receive an additional 15% off of annual premium memberships on Hotel Tech Report (discount code sent upon request).  Find more information on premium memberships here.

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