The first step to unlocking our additional partnership opportunities is to get your profiles up to speed and make sure you meet our minimum brand standards for vendor collaboration (more detail here) both of which are totally free and usually takes vendors no more than a few days.  

Since we don't have the opportunity to personally use all of the products on HTR, these standards help us ensure that we remain a merit based platform and a trustworthy resource for hoteliers by promoting companies that embrace transparency and customer centricity while delivering products/services that their customers love (and are willing to vouch for).  It also helps maximize any additional promotional opportunities (i.e. if we craft sponsored content or run an ad campaign but your profiles have no reviews it doesn't look great and is a missed opportunity).

Why does Hotel Tech Report have minimum brand standards in place before any promotional opportunities become available?

Over the past decade hoteliers have been bombarded with aggressive sales outreach and overly promotional content which has had the unfortunate side effect of breaking down the trust between buyers and sellers.

Hotel Tech Report is on a mission to rebuild that trust by providing the global hotel industry with an unbiased 3rd party platform that gathers, organizes and serves verified insights and data from thousands of hoteliers around the world to help make it easier (and less risky) for hoteliers to discover and adopt new technologies. 

Rebuilding this trust takes time and discipline but ultimately serves to make it easier for hoteliers to buy (and easier for vendors to sell) which ultimately is the catalyst to speed up the pace of innovation for the global hotel industry.  

In order to ensure that we are able to maintain a brand that hoteliers know they can trust--we have minimum standards in place before we are able to promote any company that use customer feedback as a check and balance to ensure that any vendors we promote have (a) great products that hoteliers will vouch for and (b) provide great service and have excellent customer relationships.  

What are Hotel Tech Report's minimum brand standards to unlock additional partnership and promotional opportunities?

Before we are able to discuss any co-promotion, sponsorship or content opportunities, vendors must meet our minimum standards.

  1. 15 verified customer reviews (Need help getting reviews? Click here)
  2. 80% likelihood to recommend
  3. 75 HotelTechScore

How can my company quickly meet the minimum brand standards?

The good news is that hitting the minimum brand standards takes as little as a few days with some companies even achieving them literally overnight.

To help your team get started, we have some free tips and best practices to simplify review collection.  We also have the Automated Review Manager available for Premium Members to put review collection in autopilot, boost your rankings and increase visibility.  

In addition to automated review collection, Premium Membership comes with a suite of tools and benefits to improve your presence on HTR including upgraded profiles, hosted reports and content coverage.  

Still have questions?

We're here to help! Please reach out via the 24/7 on-site live chat support.

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