Winners are notified ahead of the public announcement so below are a few tips to help you prepare your companies own internal and external announcements to your users, on social media and in other trade publications.Ā 


  1. 6 easy ways to leverage your HotelTechAward to enable your sales team and grow your install base
  2. How to access your company's graphics
  3. How to prepare your team for your victory announcement

1. 6 easy ways to leverage your HotelTechAward

Below are 6 common ways for companies to leverage their HotelTechAward throughout their sales and marketing to build trust with prospects, stand out from the competition and close deals faster including inspiration and examples for each to help get the ideas flowing.

šŸ–„ 1. Build trust with website visitors to increase conversionĀ 

Leverage your badges and link to your HTR profile to build trust with website visitors by showcasing social proof to reinforce what hoteliers like them love about your products and services.

Examples & Inspiration: Oaky, SiteMinder, Monscierge, ALICE, Bookassist, Bookboost

šŸ’Œ 2. Thank your customers, partners and fans for their support in your next newsletterĀ 

Let your customers and fans know about your victory to remind them that they made the right choice partnering with you! šŸ‘

šŸ’¼ 3. Give your sales team the ammo they needĀ 

Provide your sales team with creative assets to promote your victory in your team's email footers and social media to build trust with prospects.

Examples & inspiration:Ā 

šŸ“£ 4. Get your team members engaging on social media to amplify your reachĀ 

Reach your fans and prospects by posting your share graphics on social media. Ā Encourage your team members to like, share and post so you reach their networks too in order to amplify your visibility.

šŸŽ¤ 5. Ā Make your conference booth stand outĀ 

Stand out from the crowd and show prospects what customers love about your company at your conference booth by showcasing verified user reviews and badges.

šŸ“ˆ 6. Add social proof to your digital campaignsĀ 

Leverage social proof to increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns and stand out from the competition.

2. How to access your company's graphics

You should have received a link to your company's HTR shared folder (if you didn't please write in via live chat) which will contain the following graphics: Winner's badges, share graphics, email footers

(NOTE: Any graphics provided by Hotel Tech Report may not be altered without written permission and must contain a link back to your profile on Hotel Tech Report View brand asset citation guidelines)

3. How to prepare your team for your victory announcementĀ 

You worked hard for your victory so its time to tell customers, partners and prospects who's #1! Here is an announcement preparation checklist to help maximize your company's reach and visibility:

  • Draft and schedule your press release. Ā HTR puts out a master press release announcing winners similar to this one from 2018. Ā Most winning companies also put out their own press release acknowledging their award (and reference to the main awards release). If you need some inspiration/ideas here are some examples of a few releases that winning companies put together last year: Sample (Crave), Sample (ALICE), Sample (ASSA ABLOY), Sample (TrustYou). Ā If you'd like a quote, feel free to reach out when you have the release draft and we'll craft something that fits with your message/angle:
  • Notify your team internally and provide them with your custom email footer and social media share graphics and encourage them to help spread the word to their audience.
  • Prep an email to customers. Ā Send an email to your customers thanking them for their support and reminding them that they made a great decision choosing your company as a partner.
  • Give your sales team ammo: Make sure to notify your sales team and provide them with share graphics and links so once the announcement is made they can let their active prospects know who's rated #1 by the only judges that matter, customers!
  • Prep your social media posts: Utilize the graphics in your shared folder or create your own and have them ready to go for once the announcement is made.

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