The People's Choice Awards serve to honor and recognize companies who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer centricity

Along with individual category awards, Hotel Tech Report recognized the top 10 most customer centric global companies via the annual People's Choice Awards.

Early on as a startup its easier to maintain strong customer relationships when you have a limited customer base.  But as a company grows its install base and scales globally, maintaining high customer satisfaction becomes increasingly more challenging.

The top 10 companies who meet the minimum eligibility criteria will be recognized via press release at the end of the awards period and the #1 company will be awarded the highest honor in the annual awards, The Company of the Year.

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How do companies become eligible to be considered for the annual People's Choice Award?

Companies must meet the minimum criteria of: 

  1. Must be registered in the HotelTechAwards
  2. Must have at least 50 verified client reviews
  3. Must have a minimum of a 4*/80% average likelihood to recommend rating on their most popular product
  4. Must have a minimum of a 4* average customer support rating on their most popular product
  5. Must have a minimum of a 4* average implementation rating on their most popular product

Below are the factors by weight in the people's choice scoring:

  1. Review quantity: This is the most important factor.  People's choice generally speaking is about having the most customer advocates in the overall HTA competition
  2. # of countries: This is the 2nd most important factor in the scoring that helps in identifying the company who has the most clients across the globe who come out to vote for them in the HTAs.  
  3. Likelihood to recommend, Customer Support, Implementation: Companies must have at a minimum a 4* average to be eligible to be considered.  These also carry small weighting in the final scoring for the People's Choice Award.


Process & Logistics

All companies entered in the HotelTechAwards across all categories are eligible to win the People's Choice Awards or Company of the Year.  At the end of the awards voting period all data will be exported and companies who meet the minimum eligibility criteria (see below) will be run through the ranking algorithm to determine the top 10 companies.


More Detail on Ranking Factors, Minimum Eligibility Criteria and Rationale

*listed in order of importance

  1. Number of Advocates (minimum of 50 verified reviews): The number of reviews a company has determines the number of customers willing to advocate for the company and take the time to write a review.
  2. # of Countries (minimum of 5 countries): The number of countries a given company's verified reviewers come from indicate the scope and scale of their organization.
  3. Likelihood to Recommend (minimum of 80%): The gold standard in customer satisfaction, this basic factor in NPS highlights and summarizes customer sentiment.
  4. Customer Support (minimum of 4/5): As a company scales, support and service are often the first thing to deteriorate.  This variable highlights companies who maintain high levels of customer satisfaction even at scale.
  5. Implementation (minimum of 4/5): A nuanced aspect of customer support, on boarding and implementation is critical to the customer experience and is therefore a factor in determining People's Choice winners.
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