As always, we like to thank the first user who brought something that needs fixing to our attention so shout out to Richard from Quore!

While it seems obvious to select which product the user wants to leave a review for--for whatever reason, sometimes users don't select a product that their review actually is applicable to (ex. they write a review and select Quore Cleanings Plus but it clearly mentions work order functionality of Quore's engineering product as well)

So what do I do if I think a review isn't showing up on a profile that it should be?

  1. Click the button below and complete the form for each review you want us to investigate
  2. Once we receive your request, we will investigate the review and notify you within 72-hours if the request was accepted or if further verification is required

Why can't Hotel Tech Report just move the review for me?

Changing the location of a review changes its context which requires the user's permission and/or proof as to what happened that caused this user to leave a review in the wrong location (or just not select an additional location where it should be published).

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