With less than 3-weeks left in the the 2019 HotelTechAwards, we've had lots of vendors reaching out asking about rules and current standings so we put together this article to help you (a) figure out where you stand and (b) learn how to launch a last ditch effort to secure your victory:

Table of Contents:

  1. When does the awards voting period close?
  2. Who is currently in the lead in each category?
  3. How many more reviews do I need to improve my score?
  4. What can I do to improve my company's chances of winning?
  5. Who are the current leaders in the 2019 Best Places to Work Competition?


#1 When does the awards voting period close?

All reviews left prior to midnight PST on December 31st will count towards this year's awards.  With the holidays in 2 weeks, it is advised that you run your final review campaign no later than Tuesday December 18th.



#2 Who is currently in the lead in categories with close contenders?



#3 How many more reviews do I need to improve my score?

Check the dashboard to make sure you are at the very least above your categories' averages so your score isn't getting dinged for being below.  Make sure you have enough reviews to meet the category minimum review threshold (total reviews) and share of voice (recent reviews).



#4 What can I do to improve my company's chances of winning? 

The only way to increase your chances of winning is to get more reviews.  Below are 4 tips and best practices to run a successful automated campaign through the review manager in the vendor dashboard:

  • Large outreach list + : Upload an outreach list if at least 1000 users to ensure high review volumes
  • Customize your templates: Customize your templates to personalize your outreach
  • Offer a holiday giveaway: Offer a giveaway to thank users for their time and increase conversions
  • Send from your CEO: Send your campaign from your CEO to increase customer engagement 
  • Leverage automation:  Use the review manager in the vendor dashboard to send your campaign to leverage built in tracking and followups to hundreds of users


#5 Is my company on pace to make the 2019 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech list?

Below are the current leaders for the 2019 list but all employee votes left before December 31st will be counted so by no means is this list final.  In order to increase your chances of winning, get your entire company to vote by sending the survey link internally to boost your "employee engagement" score (votes/total employees) and increase your company's chances of making this year's list.

  1. Clock Software
  2. Cloudbeds 
  3. GuestRevu 
  4. ALICE 
  5. Rainmaker 
  6. Mews Systems 
  7. SHR 
  8. Travel Tripper 
  9. Revinate 
  10. Triptease 

Current runners-up: Qwick, Screen Pilot, Hotel Effectiveness, Intelity, Oaky, Crave, Beekeeper, Quore

Whether you're on the list, a runner-up or didn't make either list - you'll want to get as many employees as you can to complete the survey to increase your odds of making the list.

*Send this link to your team internally

Want to know who's already voted from your company?
Ask us via live chat

Minimum completion rates to qualify (by company size)

  • 10 - 25:     70% of employees
  • 26 - 50:     50% of employees
  • 51 - 100:    35% of employees
  • 101 - 200:  20% of employees
  • 201+ :        15% of employees
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