How can I improve my HT Score and rankings?

Below are the steps to improve your rankings in order of most impact to least: 

  1. Get more reviews to be above the category minimum review threshold Learn more
  2. Get 10 reviews in the last 6-months to earn full points for recency Learn more
  3. Become one of the top 3 most reviewed products in your category Learn more
  4. Get more partner recommendations Learn more
  5. List and Verify ALL of your integrations Learn more 
  6. Get more reviews from clients in other countries Learn more
  7. Earn the GCSC Customer Support Certification Learn more
  8. Review the bonus variables to identify more opportunities Learn more

Note: You can make a copy of the HT Score calculator template shown below and plug your product's data into the spreadsheet to help identify areas for improvement.

Goal #1: Get 25 verified reviews.

Research has shown that buyers trust profiles with more than 25 reviews so this is your first goal.


Goal #2: Get above the minimum review threshold for your category

You can find the minimum review threshold for your category right in the vendor dashboard.  Get above this number to increase your score.


Goal #3: Get reviews in each of your key market segments and geographies

Buyers want to know that your company and product is a good fit for their type of property.  Make sure your profile features reviews from hoteliers in each of your target segments and each of the geographies that you serve.

Goal #4: Make sure you have recent reviews on your profiles

Make sure you have recent reviews on your profile to meet the Share of Voice criteria to give hoteliers real time insights into your current product offerings while signaling to them that your install base and pool of satisfied customers is growing.

Goal #5: Make sure you have sufficient reviews and rank well for your target segments

4 Quick Steps to Help Hoteliers in Your Target Segments Discover Your Products More Easily

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