As the hotel tech world moves towards a more open ecosystem, providers continue to emerge offering platforms to catalyze innovation and integrations.  

Choosing the name

While each provider in the space offers a different approach, user flow and value proposition--ultimately each serves a similar job to be done, integrating systems.  Initially we created the category as DaaS (Data-as-a-service) and Marketplaces but after initial feedback--determined this not to be the most relatable for hoteliers.  

As such, in order to make this category more relatable/palatable (which will ultimately increase awareness and adoption for all providers), we have re-named the category to Marketplaces and Integrators.  While the name isn't a perfect fit, we believe that putting a flag in the sand will help anchor hoteliers on a general concept and thus speed up the pace of adoption.  That said, as with everything--we always welcome feedback and are open to suggestions for improvement from the HTR community (so don't be shy!).


How will this benefit the category and providers in it?

Let's be honest, educating a market on a new product category is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard! Especially when there is low awareness and every vendor claims to do something "totally different that nobody else does".  While this might be true,  it confused consumers, increases sales cycles and slows adoption and ultimately all players in the category suffer.  When a market is this early, there is room for everyone to grow and the most growth will happen for all companies when the category grows so collaboration, communication and education are key.  That's where HTR comes in! 


As an integrator, how do I get reviews if hoteliers don't know about us?

Given that integrators like Hapi, Impala and SiteMinder Exchange deal primarily with suppliers (not hoteliers) we HTR has removed our standard verification procedures and will do manual verifications for reviews.  That way, integrators can have their partners/vendors leave reviews without these reviews getting rejected.


But is Hotel Tech Report's rating system really relevant to partner reviews for integrators and marketplaces too?

Obviously this category is different than other categories on Hotel Tech Report but in terms of ratings, we believe transparency and honest/open feedback is helpful across the same criteria and variables in choosing which platforms to work with including: likelihood to recommend, ease of use, implementation, customer support, etc.


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