Tip #1: Write in the 3rd person

Why: Appear less biased to hotel tech buyers by writing in the 3rd person so your profile reads more like a review of your company than your own marketing materials (that's what your website is for...).
Good example: Whistle is a hospitality customer service and communication tool.
Bad example: We are a hospitality customer service and communication tool.

Tip #2: Avoid using biased phrases like 'Leading Provider'

Why: You've probably noticed that almost every hotel technology vendor's website says they are the 'leading provider of X'.  Since every vendor claims this, it tends to take away trust from buyers more than it does build trust.  And on Hotel Tech Report we have rankings so saying you are the leading provider when your ranking shows differently can detract trust even more.  The most valuable thing you can provide HTR buyers with is skim-ability.  The average attention span for a page on the internet is fewer than 8 seconds so explain the benefits of your products and services as succinctly as possible and let your customers do the selling for you via their reviews of your products.

Tip #3: Let your reviews do the selling, you do the explaining

Why: As you probably know, most hoteliers don't understand half of the functionality or benefits of your product.  Hotel Tech Report lets you focus on making your product clear and understandable for hoteliers without the marketing buzz, and lets your customers do the selling and hype building for you via your reviews.  This makes life easier for you and hotel tech buyers appreciate it to!

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