You want more reviews but that means you need to reach out to more customers.  The problem is, the more customers you reach out to the more complex and time consuming the process can get.  Between coordinating across teams, tracking which customers each team member is reaching out to, logging the outreach status of each customer and finally figuring out who to follow-up with and how to follow up--it can be a pretty daunting, complex and time consuming task.


The Automated Review Manager is a purpose built tool to help your team solve the issues of complexity, cross team collaboration and outreach management to help you get more reviews with less effort.

How will the Review Manager help me generate reviews?

  • Save time: Setup takes less than 5-minutes and you can launch a review request campaign to hundreds or even thousands of users in a matter of seconds
  • Set it and forget it automation: Bulk send automated campaigns and watch the reviews roll in. Your team will be notified when either (a) the customer has left a review and its time to respond or (b) the customer has finished the automated sequence and still hasn't left a review so time for your someone from your team to checkin
  • Increase conversion: Requests sent through the dashboard include programatic links that automatically log your users in reducing their steps to completion, and increasing conversion rates
  • Full team visibility: Anyone from your team can easily jump in and see the status of your outreach so you can divide and conquer, and so you never risk bombarding a client
  • Automatic tracking: Requests, follow-ups and all other actions are automatically tracked and logged in the Review Manager
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