1. How to post from the vendor dashboard
  2. Examples & inspiration
  3. Benefits of posting
  4. FAQs
  5. Posting guidelines

1. How to post from the vendor dashboard

How to post free press releases from the vendor dashboard as Premium Member

One of the benefits of Premium Membership is saving hundreds of dollars a month with free press release posting credits to share your news, announcements and company updates with the hotel tech community.  You can easily post your updates right from the vendor dashboard and watch them get syndicated throughout the site in addition to being featured on your profiles for prospects to learn about your latest and greatest.  Here's how...

Note: Basic members can also post press releases to HTR but must purchase post credits (1 credit/post) from the Media Shop.

Navigate to 'Content'-->'Press releases'-->'Post a release'

2.💡 Examples & Inspiration

3. Posting Benefits

A few reasons to post your press releases on Hotel Tech Report

  1. 💸 Save hundreds of dollars: Never pay to post a press release again with unlimited free posting
  2. 🍷 Easy posting: Post your releases effortlessly in no time right from your vendor dashboard
  3. 👀 Increase exposure: Press releases on HTR gain added visibility throughout the site, via our social channels and in our monthly newsletter, theRewind.  
  4. 🔎 Prospect education: Make sure your latest news is discoverable on your profiles where prospects are doing their research
  5. 📝 Guide your content: When crafting your content (more below) the HTR team will look to your press releases to choose relevant and timely coverage 

4. FAQs

  • Where are vendor press releases syndicated? Press releases on Hotel Tech Report are syndicated to (1) HTR's newswire, (2) the news ticker throughout HTR, (3) your profiles, (4) category pages, (5) similar/related profiles and (6) theRewind monthly newsletter
  • Do you syndicate to 3rd party sites? We don't syndicate to 3rd parties.  
  • Should I also post my press releases to other 3rd party PR newswires? You absolutely can; however, the purpose of newswires is typically to get picked up by mainstream media coverage.  That said, unless you are announcing a major funding round or mainstream media 'buzzworthy' milestone--typically mainstream media will not pick up hotel tech (and most B2B) news and announcements.  For that reason it typically doesn't make sense to pay hundreds of dollars to post press releases on other PR newswires when the only media platform that will likely pick up the story (and has a relevant/targeted hotel tech buyer audience) is HTR and you can just post for free right from your dashboard.

5. Posting Guidelines:

  • ❌ Blog post syndication is strictly prohibited. Content that is considered a "blog article" must be submitted as a guest post
  • ❌ No 'in body' links
  • ❌ No old content: content must be posted within 7-days of its initial announcement to be accepted to the PR newswire.
  • ❌ No more than 1 x post per day per vendor

Still have questions?

Write in via the 24/7 on-site live chat to chat with a member of the HTR team.

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