At Hotel Tech Report we believe in the collective knowledge of the community. Rather than developing a voice, we are creating a filter for industry experts and thought leaders to share knowledge with our global community.

Given the fact that we allow guest posting on our blog - we require that submissions meet certain guidelines to ensure high quality content for our readers.  Higher quality content is ultimately what builds trust with prospects - consequently the goal of these guidelines is to preserve the trust between buyers and sellers.

The general litmus test for posting to the blog consists of asking oneself the following questions:

  • Is this article helpful or educational for hoteliers interested in technology trends and buying? the answer should be YES
  • Is this article highly promotional of my products? the answer should be NO

*Remember that promotional/hyped content is not believable to buyers and can actually damage your brand in their eyes.  The golden rule of marketing is "Be there and be helpful".  When you write a great piece, hoteliers will seek you out as a thought leader and partner.  In B2B software not all PR is good PR.


Non-exclusive content guidelines (re-posting)

Non-exclusive (content published on other websites) content must be a minimum of 700 words.  

Non-exclusive content types permitted include: thought leadership, opinion articles, trend reports, interviews, research and whitepapers.

***IMPORTANT: All reposted content must feature a link to the article on Hotel Tech Report in the original article


Exclusive content guidelines

Exclusive content (only published on must be a minimum of 500 words.

Exclusive content types permitted include all non-exclusive types listed above AND company case studies, feature announcements and partnership announcements between firms.


Examples of good articles for submission

Here’s why Instagram is the best bet if you want to attract millennials to your hotel

What makes a good Booking Engine?


Examples of bad article titles that will be rejected

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt {{VENDOR}} for Your New PMS
  • {{VENDOR}} Excited to Announce New Head of Sales
  • {{VENDOR}} is Excited to Partner with {{VENDOR 2}}

Please note that all articles with titles that mention a vendor name will be rejected or changed.


Image thumbnails

For social sharing please include an image above the body of the article that meets LinkedIn's sharing guidelines.  These images may be whatever you'd like.

For image thumbnails please only use photography with NO text.  You may use royalty free stock photography from websites such as

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