While response rates vary based on a myriad of variables (ex. product type, category, customer relationships, client engagement, etc) you should expect between 5-25% of your users who went through the automated campaign in Step 2 to leave a review.

Even the most successful companies with 25% completion rates will still have between 75% of their outreach list that is still in the 'pending' tab (aka. hasn't left a review).  

Remember, people are busy so this doesn't mean they aren't willing so you don't want to ignore them.  Typically there will still be another 10-20% who are open to leaving a review that just require a little extra nudge.  The key to getting them to leave a review is adding a level of personalization to your follow-up.  

The easiest way to personalize your follow-up is by working as a team to divide and conquer, here's how: 


1) Invite your client representatives to your dashboard

2) Instruct your client representatives to reach out to their accounts to send them a more personalized 1-to-1 review request via

Sending personalized follow-up shows clients you care and significantly increases conversion rates. 

  • Navigate to the 'pending' tab
  • Look for their clients
  • Click the 'send review request reminder' button
  • Customize the message and press send

Check out one of our free templates available that your client representatives can copy/paste to make life even easier.


3) Assign tickets to each client reps to divide and conquer

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4) Unlock the team leaderboard to motivate your team

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5) Easily search and filter through large client lists

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6) Activate open and click tracking to inform your outreach

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