Congrats on registering for the 2019 HotelTechAwards! 

The idea behind the HotelTechAwards is simple: the best companies are not defined by their size, funding rounds or number of press mentions.  The best companies are the ones with the happiest customers, period.



At a high level you're going to: (1) create a customer list, (2) send a bulk request then (3) divide and conquer with your team to take your campaign to the next level.  

Hotel Tech Report has additional tools available to help Premium Members save time, but every strategy can be done independently by setting up workarounds using your existing marketing infrastructure and team communication tools.

In previous years there have been lots of ties but given the scoring adjustments we don't anticipate that they will be as prevalent.  In the event of a tie, please refer to this article about tie breakers.


3 easy steps to engaging your customer advocates and winning the HotelTechAwards using the review manager:


Still not sure about the rules, scoring policies and logistics of the 2019 HotelTechAwards?

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