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  1. What is the Premium Review Manager?
  2. What are the features of the Premium Review Manager?
  3. How does it work (See related article: How to launch a review campaign)

What is the Automated Review Campaign Manager?

Getting reviews in B2B SaaS is...well...hard! 

You have your marketers and executives who want the reviews and customer success who has the customer relationships and then you're trying to manage personal outreach and followup at scale while keeping track of who left reviews and who didn't...let's just say--its a nightmare!

Enter...the Automated Review Campaign Manager.  Premium Members get access to this swanky tool that comes packed with features like magic links that login your users to increase conversion, custom campaign templates and automated followup that save your team valuable time and make it easy to track and manage outreach, collaborate across teams and gather more customer proof.  Companies who use the automated review manager typically see around 30% open rates and 12% completion rates (recent campaign stats).

So what features come with the Premium Review Manager?

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  • CSV + NPS Import: Bulk import an outreach list from your existing NPS or CRM software
  • Custom Templates: Customize bulk campaign templates to save time personalizing your outreach and increase conversion rate
  • Automated drip Campaigns: Send a tracked and automated campaign without any setup time right from the dashboard
  • Automated Followup: The review manager automatically identifies which users haven't left a review after your initial outreach and sends an automated personalized followup is sent to check in with them that can be customized from the Custom Templates tab.
  • Assign tickets: Divide and conquer by assigning tickets to client reps for more personalized outreach
  • Team notes: Leave internal notes to give your whole team visibility into customer outreach
  • Quick search and filter: Easily search and filter through large client lists
  • 1-Click Review Refresh: Refresh your review content and earn points for review recency by sending 1-click review response requests.


  • Team leaderboard: Gamify review gathering and add accountability for your team to gather more reviews and improve your company's rankings 
  • Custom sender: Personalize the sender name in your outreach to increase request conversions
  • Giveaway campaigns: Run giveaway campaigns through the dashboard with custom templates to show your appreciation to customers and increase conversion rates. 
  • One Click 1-to-1 Review Requests: Want your team to send requests quickly but 1-to-1 to increase personalization? Each team member gets their own templates to customize and can send individual requests at any time with the click of a button.


  • Activity log: See a rich history of every interaction and touch point your team has had with clients
  • Open/click tracking: Unlock open and click engagement tracking to inform your outreach
  • Enriched customer tiles: Display open and click tracking and NPS scores on customer tiles to enrich your view and inform your outreach


  • Reviewer reveal: Find out which clients have left each of your reviews
  • Inbox tab + respond to reviews: Unlock the inbox tab to see who has left your company reviews and be able to respond to them
  • Private follow-up: Follow-up privately with clients without having to leave the dashboard and keep your conversation in the activity feed for your team to see

July 2019:
Review Refresh
Oct 2018: New Feature--
Custom campaign templates
Sept 2018:
Inbox tab: See who reviewed and respond to reviews

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