Stay up-to-date with some of the improvements and changes to the 2020 HotelTechAwards

  1. Key dates
  2. Early pricing
  3. New categories
  4. Rules
  5. Benefits
  6. Sample of 2019 winners
  7. New tools to help participants gather more reviews with less effort


1. Key dates for the 2020 HotelTechAwards:

  • Aug 1: Regular registration opens
  • Sept 1: Registration closes
  • Official campaign period (Sept 1-Dec 15)
  • Dec 16: Voting closes and data exported for analysis
  • Jan 2: Winners notified
  • Jan 14: Public announcement of winners


2. Early pricing available through June 1st

Sign up early to receive up to $100 discount per category entry through June 1st and to get a head-start on the competition. View pricing and registration info


3. Rules

  • Win by receiving the highest HotelTechScore amongst entries in your category, there will be a 120-day average review threshold applied at the end of the competition that will not show on your HotelTechScore.
  • To be eligible each product must have a minimum of 10 reviews during the awards period
  • 'Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech' will be determined via employee satisfaction surveys conducted by Hotel Tech Report (2019 Winners here).  Entry is complementary with a minimum of one product entered into the awards.

So the million dollar question is: how do we find the company in each category with the happiest customers?

SCORING: We get a lot of questions about scoring, here's how it works.

The HotelTechScore is designed to gauge customer satisfaction.  The 2 indicators we leverage are: quantity of customer advocates and their respective sentiment scores (i.e. ratings).  

While you can't control honest and unbiased user ratings - you can control the # of client advocates that come out to support your business.  Quantity of reviews in effect, is a reflection of how close your relationships are with your clients.  Big companies have more clients but smaller ones often have closer relationships with each client which level the playing field.

Your HotelTechScore (and consequent ranking) is a good indicator of your standing in the category but it is not perfect and winners are not chosen based solely off of HotelTechScore.

Essentially, to be in contention you'll need to meet the category average review threshold and the 120-day category average review threshold - this levels the playing field for all competitors while ensuring that previous winners are not punished for great work in the past.  Try this HotelTechAwards voting calculator here to see how the scoring works.


4. Benefits of winning

  • Exclusive option and steeply discounted sponsorship of HotelTechReport's 'Official Budget Season Buyers' Guide for your category
  • Badge on profile for 1-year
  • Inclusion in press release and subsequent HTA marketing announcements
  • Sales & marketing collateral to leverage with prospects
  • 1 free month of Hotel Tech Report premium membership
  • Badges and graphics for your website, digital marketing and social media
  • Promotion via Hotel Tech Report's Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages
  • Free promotion in the annual 'Hoteliers Guide to the Ultimate Tech Stack' report: The annual report will be released following the announcement of winners and will be marketed on for the year.


5. Sample of previous winners


6. New tools to help your team gather more reviews with less effort

We've been hard at work building some pretty awesome tools to help automate your feedback and review flow and make being customer centric a breeze.  Premium members have access to these tools which save time during your HotelTechAwards campaign season and increase your chances of winning by getting more feedback faster. Learn more about premium


More info coming soon

  • Most innovative hotel award
  • New badges, perks, collateral and marketing opportunities

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