The last two weeks we've been, well...busy! 

What's new?

  1. Review syndication - your customers can now leave one review for multiple products
  2. Integrations search engine - prospects can now search for solutions based on integrations; make sure to list and verify yours
  3. Product Comparisons - our users can now compare solutions; follow the simple steps below to make sure your products standout
  4. Vendor-to-vendor endorsements: get your partners to endorse you and show that they stand by the quality of your products
  5. Website widget -  paste this one line of code on your website to display a live feed of your Hotel Tech Report profile stats and demonstrate your commitment to transparency
  6. Update your email - update your email and never receive an HTR to your personal email again.  Are you as excited about this one as we are?

Details on each below...

About the new Review Syndication Feature

Now you can send your customers to your company's single review URL (ex. and they can select which of your products they use and don't use.  Their review will then be syndicated across your respective product profiles. 


About the new Integrations Search Engine

Hoteliers can now search Hotel Tech Report not only by products and categories, but now by integrations, too! 


Side-by-Side Product Comparisons

Its now easier than ever for hoteliers to compare products side-by-side on Hotel Tech Report.  With this feature, our community can see how their existing providers stack up, compare multiple products in their consideration set and easily glance attributes across profiles without bouncing around the site.

Sales teams can also leverage comparisons for sales enablement to build trust with prospects and show how your product is differentiated.
Here's a quick checklist to to make sure your products look their best in side-by-side comparisons


New Category Sponsor Benefits

Sponsorship is now open to the greater Hotel Tech Report vendor community with a new and improved look.  Vendors who have a minimum of 10 verified reviews are eligible to sponsor their category.  Only 1 sponsorship is available per category and offered on a 1st come first serve basis.


Vendor-to-Vendor Endorsements

In the hotel tech industry, the experts who know the best products are often consultants and vendors themselves.  Now vendors can invite experts, consultants and partners to endorse their products with a single click.  Endorsements show industry support and are factored into product comparisons.  Show your support for your favorite companies, products and partners with 1-click endorsements.


Hotel Tech Report Reviews Widget and Transparent Vendor Badge

Build trust with prospects, get SEO benefits, earn the transparent vendor badge and get some super awesome javascript animations on your website.
Learn more about how-to-add the HTR reviews widget to your website


One of the downsides to LinkedIn auth is that your LinkedIn email gets pulled in instead of your desired work email where you want to receive notifications.  While many of you have updated your notification email in the profile editor, this also created duplicate accounts in many cases meaning you continued getting emails to be both addresses--no more! At your next login, once you verify your preferred email all of your accounts will be synced and you will only receive notifications to your preferred email address. 

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