Its now easier than ever for hoteliers to compare products side-by-side on Hotel Tech Report to:

  • See how their existing providers stack up
  • Compare multiple products in their consideration set
  • Easily glance attributes across profiles without bouncing around the site

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*IMPT*: Vendor checklist for feature comparisons

The easiest way to see what info your products are missing in comparisons is to run a comparison yourself.  That said, here is a quick checklist to make sure your products look their best:

  1. Select product features: make sure you have your features checked off in your profile editor
  2. Correct your customer mix: Approximate your segmentation to help your ideal buyers find you
  3. List your integrations: Add and verify all of your integrations so they show up in compare
  4. Get endorsements from experts: Get industry experts and partner vendors to endorse your products
  5. Reviews Widget: Add the reviews widget to your website to get your transparent vendor badge
  6. Add pricing: Add your pricing model to build trust with hoteliers
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