One of the downsides to LinkedIn auth is that your LinkedIn email gets pulled in instead of your desired work email where you want to receive notifications.  While many of you have updated your notification email in the profile editor, this also created duplicate accounts in many cases meaning you continued getting emails to be both addresses--no more!

What to do:

  • login to Hotel Tech Report
  • You'll be prompted with a modal to confirm your preferred email address
  • Once you submit, you'll be sent a verification email to that address
  • Once you verify, all of your accounts will be synced and you will only receive notifications to your preferred email address

As any of you marketers know, data wrangling is quite the feat but that's all behind us now.  Thanks so much for your patience as we got this sorted out! 


Step 1: Sign into Hotel Tech Report and you will be prompted with a modal to enter your preferred email address


Step 2: Click the 'verify email' button and you're all done! 

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