When you look at almost every major innovative company in the past two decades the power of open architectures, integration and collaboration stand out as key drivers of innovation and progress.  Linux, Windows, Google, Facebook...the list goes on.

In our industry, most technology companies have adopted this integrated and open mindset knowing how beneficial it can be for the industry and in an effort to acknowledge those companies--the integrations search engine features the Most Integrated Products in Hotel Tech.


Want your company to make the list?

  • Connect with and list all of your integration partners on Hotel Tech Report

  • The list is based on double verified (each party acknowledges) integrations

  • The list features the #1 most integrated product in each category and is dynamic over time

As with any recognition, sponsorship, promotion or usage of HTR's brand--vendors must meet the minimum community guideline of 10 verified customer reviews to be eligible to make the list.  


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