One of the benefits of category sponsorship is the ability to position and promote your founders (and/or management team) as thought leaders in your category using the category banner placement.  

How does it work?

  1. Select 1-2 members of your executive team to feature
  2. Let us know which members of your team you would like promoted in the banner
  3. Send us headshots for each team member via the on-site live chat
  4. Post an article to the Hotel Tech Report blog that you want the banner to link to
  5. Let us know which of your articles on the Hotel Tech Report blog you would like your banner to link to via the on-site live chat
  6. We'll create your custom banner graphic and set it live within 24-hours

*Note: You can feature new team members or submit new content to promote at any time throughout your sponsorship


What content do you recommend we post on Hotel Tech Report to link our banner to?

The ideal content for this banner is a non-promotional piece that (a) is helpful and interesting for buyers and (b) displays the insightfulness and personality of your executive team and company.  Examples include: 

  • Category buyers guide
  • Trend forecast opinion article
  • Founder interview
  • Article about your company's founding story

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