One of the benefits of sponsorship is that you get to post to the Hotel Tech Report for free and have your content be featured across the site.  Depending on your sponsorship level, your posts will either show up in the 'featured articles' section of either your company's profile (Silver Sponsors), every company in your categories' profile (Gold & Platinum Sponsors) Learn more about sponsorship opportunities

Syndicating your content on the home page, your profile and competitor profiles

Two of the benefits of sponsorship are (1) being able to promote your content on the blog for free without purchasing article credits and (2) being able to syndicate your content across your profile as well as all other profiles in your category.  In order to maximize your visibility and promote your content in the 'recommended articles' sidebar on competitor profiles follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Promote' tab of your vendor dashboard

Step 2: Click the 'post a new article' button

Step 3: Once you've posted your articles, select which 3 you would like to be featured

Once you post your articles and select 3 to be featured, you'll see them show up on the home page, your profile and competitor profiles.  You can update this content throughout your sponsorship to keep it fresh and useful for hotel tech buyers.

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